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The following resources are available free of charge from the Alcohol Education Trust


Online resourcesAETlogo

website designed specifically for those teachers and professionals requiring lesson plans, film clips, worksheets and facts on alcohol along with guidance and recommendations for implementing alcohol education under six specific topics:

  • Assessing knowledge
  • Effects of alcohol
  • Units and guidelines
  • The law
  • Staying safe
  • 16+
New online learning zone! has recently been completely revamped as an online learning zone that supports teaching in the classroom. Aimed at 12 – 15 year olds, the site has quizzes, challenges, games around units and how much is too much, for example, that can be used in school or at home. Read about the launch of the online learning zone here.

AET website

Offline resources

To complement the website are the following hard copy resources available free of charge to schools:

  • Alcohol and You: A booklet taking a social norms approach with advice for 15 year-olds and above.
  • Talking to Kids about Alcohol: An informative, reassuring guide with tips and guidance on how to approach the issue of drinking with children and teenagers.
  • A Teacher Workbook which combines the lesson plan resources available online into an easy access resource.

The Alcohol Education Trust offers all schools up to 250 copies of both booklets free of charge per annum along with a copy of the teacher workbook.



Resources for pupils with SEND

A set of picture- and story-led resources designed especially for pupils with SEND has recently been developed. The resources should be used in conjunction with the 100 page workbook for those with moderate learning difficulties.

These are available free of charge to schools in London and Dorset thanks to grant funding.

There is a one-off charge of £90 for schools and organisations in other areas which allows full access to the workbook and the links to further resources online.


Parent Information Seminars and Teacher Training

The Charity is also able to offer parent information seminars* – very informal presentations on ‘talking to kids about alcohol’ which help parents to be better prepared and more confident to ‘talk about alcohol’ with their children. These are ideal for Year 7 and 8 parents – before peer pressure and external influences increase.

To ensure that all teachers involved with delivering alcohol education are confident with the resources available, AET also offer Teacher Training sessions* where a representative will go through the resources and help teachers adapt the materials and incorporate them with ease into their current curriculum.

(* no fee is charged but, subject to location, a charitable donation or contribution to travel expenses may be requested)



The Alcohol Education Trust has published the results of its two year evaluation (2011-2013) by the National Foundation for Education Research (NFER).AET 2

The study, which followed 4,000 students aged between 12 and 14 between 2011- 2013, revealed that those who had received the facts about alcohol and its effects during Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons at school, equipping them to make informed decisions, were significantly less likely to start drinking compared to those that had not received the lessons using Talk about Alcohol resources.

Further key findings from the research:

  • Students identified PSHE lessons as their preferred source of information about alcohol, which clearly emphasises the value and importance of PSHE lessons to young people, which are currently non-statutory.
  • Teachers reported that lessons were straightforward, flexible, and manageable to deliver, and that using them had saved time as they did not have to identify and pull together resources from a number of other sources
  • The evaluation evidence indicates that the Talk About Alcohol materials are useful in helping to fill gaps in students’ understanding of the damage associated by alcohol which were recently identified by Ofsted (2013). Not Yet Good Enough: Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education In Schools.
To read the full evaluation by NFER click here.


CAYT evaluation for Talk About Alcohol

In addition, the intervention ‘Talk About Alcohol’ has been awarded a 3 out of 3 ranking by The Department for Education-appointed CAYT (Centre for Youth Transitions) for the programme’s effectiveness and a 5 out of 6 score for evaluation quality.

To read the CAYT evaluation of ‘Talk About Alcohol’ click here.


More information:

Talk About Alcohol – Case Study Report

Talk About Alcohol – Executive Summary Report


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