The ASSIST (A Stop Smoking In School Trial) programme is a peer-led intervention aimed at promoting smoke-free behaviours among children aged 12-13 years. ASSIST combines a peer-led approach with the diffusion of innovation theory: it encourages the development and dissemination of new norms of smoking behaviour through the training of influential Year 8 students who work as peer supporters.

Peer supporters are trained and supported to have informal conversations with other Year 8 students about the risks of smoking and the benefits of being smoke-free.

ASSIST has been evaluated by a randomised controlled trial funded by the Medical Research Council. The trial found the ASSIST programme to be effective in reducing smoking prevalence over a two year period of follow-up, with the trial results published in The Lancet. If implemented throughout the UK, it is estimated that the ASSIST programme would prevent 20,000 young people taking up smoking each year.

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