Disengaged from school, engaged with drugs and alcohol?

TP schoolThis set of papers ‘Thinking Prevention’ will help those involved in drug and alcohol education and prevention to set out a clear public health case for their work.

Key Messages:

  • Disengagement from school, including truancy and exclusion, is linked to drug and alcohol use and other risky health behaviours.
  • Absence from school damages educational achievement, and young people with few or no qualifications are at high risk of becoming NEET.
  • Disengagement can start at a young age, particularly among children from poorer backgrounds and those struggling with basic skills.
  • Interventions that develop young people’s social and emotional capabilities can improve academic achievement and protect against risky behaviour.
  • Early intervention in response to drug and alcohol incidents can reduce permanent exclusions and the risk of longer-term misuse.

Download other papers in the series or the whole set as a zip file: