May 19, 2016 – Improving Schools-Based Alcohol and Drugs Education

On Thursday 19th May ADEPIS Programme Manager, Jamila Boughelaf, was invited to speak at the Primary Care and Public Health 2016 Conference in Birmingham.

Jamila talked about effective ways to improve school-based alcohol and drug education, ensuring the use and promotion of best practice.

On the day it was stressed that, in order to ensure delivery of effective alcohol and drug education, it is crucial that all activities undertaken are based on, and informed by evidence.

Evidence is important because it brings accountability, confidence, feedback for improvement and evaluation of impact. It is therefore fundamental that all types of interventions, including curriculum-based sessions delivered as part of PSHE education, are based on evidence, built upon students’ needs assessment, and that these are continuously assessed and evaluated for impact.

The presentation below also offers some tips to deliver effective alcohol and drug education, suggesting key approaches to include, such as ‘social influences’ and ‘life-skills’ based approaches.  It also includes suggestions to effectively select contributors, emphasising that any contributions need to be carefully thought through as part of a broader programme.

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