Module 4: ‘Resilience’ in alcohol and drug education

Welcome to module 4 of the Mentor-ADEPIS Professional Development Course

Module overview:

Building resilience in children and young people is one of the key principles of good education, and a necessary requirement in facilitating personal growth, whilst enabling children and young people to successfully navigate life and life challenges. The promotion of positive social norms (explored in Module 2), the development of life-skills, and the promotion of protective factors contribute to the development of resilience. In the context of alcohol and drug education, the development of resilience plays a part in reducing the risk of taking part in unhealthy risky behaviours. This final module will give you the chance to think of ways in which you could develop your alcohol and drug education programme to improve resilience.

How to view module materials:

Navigate the slide show below using the arrows underneath, and clicking on any videos to play them. This module should take around 15 minutes to complete. Once you have finished, click on the button at the bottom of this page to complete an end of unit form which is designed to reinforce your learning from this unit.

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