PSHE Association Programme of Study

The Government’s PSHE education review concluded in March 2013, stating that the subject would remain non-statutory and that no new programmes of study would be published. The DfE has however stated as part of its National Curriculum guidance that ‘All schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), drawing on good practice’. This position was reinforced by the Government’s latest draft of the national curriculum framework, published on July 8th 2013.

In the absence of a new programme of study from the DfE, the PSHE Association, in consultation with a wide variety of agencies and PSHE practitioners, has produced a revised programme of study. It covers key stages 1 to 4 and is based on three core themes:  1. Health and Wellbeing; 2. Relationships; 3. Living in the Wider World, within which there will be broad overlap and flexibility.

The new Programme of Study, and additional guidance on developing your 2013/14 curriculum, are available to anyone who joins the PSHE Association mailing list (complete the ‘get our newsletter’ fields on their home page).

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