Reviewing your drug and alcohol policy: a toolkit for schools

This resource aims to help schools with the process of reviewing their drug and alcohol policy, with practical advice on consulting with teachers, pupils, parents and others in the community. It can be used by primary and secondary schools & pupil referral units, and should also be helpful for colleges.




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Department for Education and ACPO Drug Advice for Schools (September 2012)

We would very much like to know if schools are finding this resource useful, what could be changed and what further tools or advice would be helpful. Leave a comment below if you have any feedback.

Additional resources

These provide additional information on issues relating to drug policy.

Drugs: guidance for schools This DfES guidance from 2004, although superseded, still contains much helpful advice.

Joining forces. Drugs: Guidance for police working with schools and colleges ACPO guidance for police working with schools and colleges

Drug Education Forum briefing papers

  • The principles of good drug education
  • Principles for supporting school drug education (working with external providers)
  • Beyond the lesson plan: Drug prevention and early intervention
  • Engaging parents in drug education
  • Learning from life skills programmes in drug education
  • Legal highs

Pupils with parents affected by substance misuse (part of a larger resource, Supporting young carers: a resource for schools, which can be downloaded here)

Needs assessment for drug education in primary schools: ‘Jugs and herrings’

Resources on pupil participation:

Promoting children and young people’s participation through the National Healthy School Standard

Inspiring schools. Impact and outcomes: Taking up the challenge of pupil participation

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