The Risk-Avert Programme

Risk avert fullThe Training Effect was commissioned in April 2013 to design and develop an experimental approach to identifying young people vulnerable to multiple risk taking early and deliver a targeted programme to improve their understanding and management of risk taking before they engage or have the opportunity participate in behaviours which are likely to cause harm.

The Risk-Avert programme:
• Identifies ‘at risk’ young people
• Provides effective risk management skills and approaches
• Supports teachers to effectively tackle emerging risk behavioursand ‘look beyond the behaviour’ towards early indicators
• Improves the relationship between the teacher and young person
• Provides contextual framework for discussing and managing risk behaviours (such as alcohol use, sex etc)

It is clear from widespread investigation and reports from pilot schools and young people that Risk-Avert demonstrates positive effects on influencing risk-taking behaviour in the short-term.

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