RisKit programme

RisKitThe RisKit programme was developed by the University of Kent, KCA and Kent County Council, usng a combination of participatory consultation with young people and a review of existing research.

School pupils at ages 14–16 years were screened to identify those at risk, and were invited to attend two generic drug and alcohol awareness sessions, and then eight targeted life skills training sessions, alongside one-to-one motivational interviews and the creation of contacts with youth services.

The programme evaluation found that the programme was feasible, acceptable and positively viewed by articipants, delivery staff and school staff. Questionnaires completed by the 226 programme participants at entry, exit and six-month follow-up showed significant reductions in alcohol use (as measured by percentage days abstinent and drinks per drinking day). There were also reductions in illicit drug (mostly cannabis) use, although these were not statistically significant.

The programme manual has been made available on a Creative Commons license.


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