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The Brain Under Construction [2] – The effects of alcohol on the brain

This briefing paper is part of a mini-series on the ‘Brain Under Construction’ aimed at helping professionals better understand the young people they support. It is well established that substance use has negative consequences for the brain (Oscar-Berman & Marinkovic, 2003). Now, with the advancement of neuro-imaging, we can see […]

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Alcohol and drug education in 2017: our findings

Improvements in PSHE provision, especially alcohol and drug education, are essential to ensuring students’ academic, personal and social wellbeing is supported. This report indicates that little has changed in the thinking of schools, students or other stakeholders since our report on the evaluation of Mentor-ADEPIS¬†in 2013. Many thanks to Angela […]

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Findings from our survey into drug and alcohol education

Many thanks to the PSHE Association for carrying out this research for us, the 288 teachers who took part in the survey, and in particular the 20 who gave up their time for in-depth interviews. The key findings are set out below, and more can be found in the full […]

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