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The Brain Under Construction [2] – The effects of alcohol on the brain

This briefing paper is part of a mini-series on the ‘Brain Under Construction’ aimed at helping professionals better understand the young people they support. It is well established that substance use has negative consequences for the brain (Oscar-Berman & Marinkovic, 2003). Now, with the advancement of neuro-imaging, we can see […]

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The Effekt Programme

Parents can help keep their child safe by influencing their drinking habits, and have much more power than they may think. That’s the message of Effekt, an evidence-based programme that was developed in Sweden, and has been run successfully in other countries. It targets parents and carers of 13-16 year olds, […]

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October 7, 2015 – Effekt: A parent’s perspective on alcohol education

Mentor are determined to bring evidence-based practice to mainstream education. We will do this through the delivery of free regional seminars exploring best practice in prevention and showcasing CAYT quality-assessed programmes for young people. On Wednesday 7th October we held the second seminar of the series, which looked at Effekt. Effekt (also […]

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Delivering alcohol and drug education: Advice for teachers

What are the underlying principles of alcohol and drug education? And what are the best teaching methods to use when delivering alcohol and drug education in your classroom? This briefing paper provides advice and tips for teachers and educators responsible for delivering alcohol and drug education. This briefing paper is […]

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The Proximity Effect: The Role of Family Life in Shaping Children’s Knowledge about Alcohol

The Proximity Effect: The Role of Family Life in Shaping Children’s Knowledge about Alcohol and its Social and Health Implications is a presentation that Professor Gill Valentine gave at the Alcohol and Families Alliance meeting held in February 2015. The presentation sheds light on the role played by family life and parenting […]

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Alcohol Education Trust resources

The following resources are available free of charge from the Alcohol Education Trust   Online resources A website designed specifically for those teachers and professionals requiring lesson plans, film clips, worksheets and facts on alcohol along with guidance and recommendations for implementing alcohol education under six specific topics: Assessing knowledge Effects […]

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