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Using Evidence in the Classroom: What Works and Why?

About this resource This summary presents the findings and conclusions from a rapid evidence review written and published by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). Our review synthesises what is currently known about effective approaches to school and teacher engagement with evidence and highlights ‘weak spots’ or areas for attention […]

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Drugs: Guidance for Schools

This 2004 guidance from DfES has  been superseded by the 2012 DfE and ACPO drug advice for schools. However, it still contains much useful advice.

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The principles of good drug education

Choosing the best approach to drug education is a key task for educators. There is no shortage of guidance, information, and materials but choosing the most relevant and supportive for the group or groups you lead depend on a number of factors. This brief document aims to help you understand […]

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Principles for supporting school drug education

Research carried out by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University found that over half of secondary schools and a third of primary schools work in partnership with at least one external provider to deliver drug education. This briefing paper sets out principles for partnership working. It is part of a series […]

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