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Mentor ADEPIS joins expert meeting with UNESCO, UNODC and WHO

Mentor’s efforts to promote evidence-based practice through the Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Information Service (ADEPIS) have been recognised at an international level. We were recently given an exciting opportunity to share examples of good practice from Mentor ADEPIS and contribute to the development of new international guidance at a […]

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Building resilience and character in young people

Building resilience in children and young people is one of the key principles of good education, and a necessary requirement in facilitating personal growth, whilst enabling children and young people to successfully navigate life and life challenges. This briefing paper looks at resilience in the context of universal educational settings […]

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Life lessons: PSHE and SRE in schools

We welcome the publication of the Commons Education Select Committee report about the status of PSHE and SRE in schools. On 23rd April 2014 the Education Select Committee launched an inquiry seeking written evidence on the status of PSHE and SRE in schools. Mentor submitted written evidence and our CEO […]

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Making it Inclusive: Alcohol and drug education in multicultural settings

When delivering alcohol and drug education in multicultural settings including classrooms, teachers will need to tackle sensitive issues. Not all pupils are comfortable discussing certain topics, and some parents are reluctant to allow  their children to explore certain themes. How do we ensure pupils receive relevant education, in the context […]

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