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The ASSIST (A Stop Smoking In School Trial) programme is a peer-led intervention aimed at promoting smoke-free behaviours among children aged 12-13 years. ASSIST combines a peer-led approach with the diffusion of innovation theory: it encourages the development and dissemination of new norms of smoking behaviour through the training of […]

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Why are some adolescents more prone to peer influence than others?

This blog post was written by Dr. Kaidy Stautz for the Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Information Service. For further information on this study, please see the reference below. It is well established that an adolescent’s likelihood of engaging in alcohol and drug use is strongly linked to the drug […]

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Alcohol Education Trust resources

The following resources are available free of charge from the Alcohol Education Trust   Online resources A website designed specifically for those teachers and professionals requiring lesson plans, film clips, worksheets and facts on alcohol along with guidance and recommendations for implementing alcohol education under six specific topics: Assessing knowledge Effects […]

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