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What’s the worst that could happen? Luton drug awareness video from WNFO

This is an NPS / legal highs awareness film from Why Not Find Out, produced with creative input from young people at Tokko Youth Space in Luton. In the video, a text conversation between two teens explores some of the risks around synthetic drugs and discuss friends’ previous experiences. Video produced by […]

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June 30 – Using Social-Emotional Learning to Empower Young People

Mentor are determined to bring evidence-based practice to mainstream education. We will do this through the delivery of free regional teacher training sessions and seminars exploring best practice in prevention and showcasing CAYT quality-assessed programmes for young people. In June 2017 Mentor delivered a teacher training event ‘Understanding Prevention – Social Emotional Learning to Empower […]

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The Adolescent Brain – Wired for Taking Risks

Adolescence is a time of increased risk-taking; this paper looks at the role the brain plays in risk-taking, including adolescent substance use. It also considers some possible ways the harm of risk-taking in young people can be mitigated and notes that many adolescent risk behaviours put others in danger, making […]

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School-based alcohol and drug education and prevention – what works?

This briefing paper intends to equip and guide those working in educational settings when considering which alcohol and drug education and prevention programme they should run. It outlines some approaches that evidence shows work and cautions on some that don’t. The briefing paper aims to enable educators to make a more […]

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Preventing Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Substance Use Problems

This paper intends to provide teachers, educators and the wider school workforce with practical guidelines on how to prevent children and young people from developing mental health problems as a result of alcohol and drug misuse. Early detection helps teachers, parents and carers identify children’s emotional or behavioural challenges and assist […]

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Life-skills based education for alcohol and drug prevention

This paper intends to provide governors, head teachers and teachers with practical guidelines to help them implement holistic life-skills based education programmes to ensure young people build resilience to alcohol and drug use. As evidence shows that alcohol and drug education alone is ineffective, there is a need for an […]

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The Effekt Programme

Parents can help keep their child safe by influencing their drinking habits, and have much more power than they may think. That’s the message of Effekt, an evidence-based programme that was developed in Sweden, and has been run successfully in other countries. It targets parents and carers of 13-16 year olds, […]

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Positive signs of growing political consensus on life-skills approach to prevention

As we wait on the Commons Committee report on Psychoactive Substances Bill, Mentor is hopeful not only about the role that prevention and education will play in the government’s response to NPS, but also about the increasing importance of prevention within the Government’s wider drug strategy. As such, we are […]

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