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Addressing youth violence and gangs

This Home Office advice is for leaders, their senior teams and staff that are in schools or colleges affected by gangs or low-level youth violence. School and college leaders should be able to: develop skills and knowledge to resolve conflict as part of the curriculum; challenge aggressive behaviour in ways […]

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Drugs, alcohol and youth crime: Counting the cost

This set of papers ‘Thinking Prevention’ will help those involved in drug and alcohol education and prevention to set out a clear public health case for their work. Key Messages Young people who drink regularly, smoke and/or take illegal drugs have a higher risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour […]

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RisKit programme

The RisKit programme was developed by the University of Kent, KCA and Kent County Council, usng a combination of participatory consultation with young people and a review of existing research. School pupils at ages 14–16 years were screened to identify those at risk, and were invited to attend two generic […]

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