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Re-Solv Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA) Schools Policy Guidance

This guidance produced by Re-Solv sets out what schools need to know about Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA). It also outlines fundamental recommendations for schools to include these substances into their alcohol and drug policy. Re-Solv recommends that all schools educate their students about the dangers of VSA with a factual, […]

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Drug Testing or Positive School Ethos which approach should schools consider?

Very few schools in the UK have gone down the road of drug testing their pupils as a preventative approach to drug issues, and new US research suggests they may have been right to be cautious. A few years ago there was a flurry of interest in the use of […]

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Can you help us shape standards to help deliver effective drug education?

On Friday 27th September we launched a series of draft quality standards for the provision of effective drug and alcohol education in schools, as part of a wider PSHE education curriculum. We produced these standards because we see the provision of good drug and alcohol education as a crucial part […]

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Reviewing your drug and alcohol policy: a toolkit for schools

This resource aims to help schools with the process of reviewing their drug and alcohol policy, with practical advice on consulting with teachers, pupils, parents and others in the community. It can be used by primary and secondary schools & pupil referral units, and should also be helpful for colleges. […]

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What makes for an effective school alcohol policy?

An effective school alcohol policy comes from many factors: senior leadership support; a whole school approach to drugs and alcohol; consultation with the school community; integrating education, support and prevention… you can find out more in our toolkit for schools revising their drug and alcohol policy. A new piece of research looks […]

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Drugs: Guidance for Schools

This 2004 guidance from DfES has  been superseded by the 2012 DfE and ACPO drug advice for schools. However, it still contains much useful advice.

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DfE and ACPO drug advice for schools

This advice from the Department for Education and the Association of Chief Police Officers is non-statutory and has been produced to help answer some of the most common questions raised by school staff in this area, as well as promoting understanding of the relevant powers and duties in relation to […]

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Beyond the lesson plan

Schools have a duty to promote children and young people’s wellbeing, and are also required to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. As part of this they have a responsibility to help young people manage risk, reducing the likelihood they may be harmed by use of legal and […]

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