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The Drug Education Practitioners’ Forum (DEPF)

Background The Drug Education Practitioners’ Forum (DEPF) was founded in 1990. It has developed an influential role as the independent voice of the practitioner, participating actively in several national consultations and working with affiliated organisations. The forum also provides structured opportunities for its members to keep abreast of current drug […]

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Updating your drugs policy to include NPS

In previous briefing papers, Mentor looked at the impact of new psychoactive substances on public health and drugs education. Schools and practitioners should also update their drugs policy to take account of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). Every school’s drugs policy should include new psychoactive substances (NPS), formerly known as “legal […]

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October 12 – Preventing NPS misuse among young people

Mentor are determined to bring evidence-based practice to mainstream education. We will do this through the delivery of free regional teacher training sessions and seminars exploring best practice in prevention and showcasing CAYT quality-assessed programmes for young people. In October 2017 Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) hosted our most recent Mentor-ADEPIS seminar, which focussed on […]

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Webinar: Evidence-based approaches to alcohol and drug prevention in schools

On 17th October 2017, Ian MacDonald provided an introductory overview of evidence-based approaches which can be adopted when delivering alcohol and drug education in classroom settings. View the webinar by clicking the video link below:

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PSHE Association – Working with External Visitors

Working with External Visitors/Contributors to PSHE – Guidance for Schools Teachers need to be selective when making decisions regarding the involvement of an external visitor/contributor so that the many possible benefits are realised while reducing any potential risks. These guidelines have been produced by the PSHE Association to help ensure […]

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