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Interactive learning: why is it important in alcohol and drug education?

Interactive learning is one of the fundamentals of effective and constructive education. Research has shown how interactive teaching methods not only increase pupils’ engagement and interest in the lesson, but also sharpen pupils’ critical thinking and analytical skills, which will be required to succeed in their lives. An effective programme […]

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Can you help us shape standards to help deliver effective drug education?

On Friday 27th September we launched a series of draft quality standards for the provision of effective drug and alcohol education in schools, as part of a wider PSHE education curriculum. We produced these standards because we see the provision of good drug and alcohol education as a crucial part […]

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Quality standards for drug education – consultation and survey findings

At our seminar today in Liverpool we are launching a consultation on a new set of quality standards for drug and alcohol education. In developing the draft standards we have drawn on existing guidance including, international standards, the work of  the Drug Education Forum in establishing the principles of good drug education, and […]

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