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Smoking prevention among young people

This set of papers ‘Thinking Prevention’ will help those involved in drug and alcohol education and prevention to set out a clear public health case for their work. Key Messages Smoking is the main cause of preventable illness and premature death in Britain. Smoking among young people has been falling […]

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What is Unplugged? Unplugged is an evidence-based programme designed to equip young people with specific skills and resources that they need to resist social influences and to support knowledge about drugs and their adverse health consequences. The programme is designed for 12-14 year olds and consists of 12 one-hour units […]

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“Is shisha safer than smoking cigarettes?”

This question was asked by one of the Year 7s at a recent school event we attended. It’s something which can cause confusion. Is tobacco smoke safer when it’s filtered through water pipes (called shisha, hookah, hubble-bubble or narghile), or do long smoking sessions and the large volume of smoke inhaled […]

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