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Information and guidance on alcohol and drug prevention

Below is a selection of guidance documents from Mentor-ADEPIS. These resources were developed to support teachers, school leaders, local authorities and families, as well as community organisations and professionals working in the field of alcohol and drug education and prevention.


Quality Standards for effective alcohol and drug education

StandardsFollowing feedback from teachers from our mapping exercise we have drafted a set of standards for the delivery of alcohol and drug education. These standards have drawn on existing national and international guidance as well as examples of good practice in alcohol and drug education and prevention.

In addition, we have consulted widely with teachers, practitioners and those that support school alcohol and drug education in order to ensure that they reflect the best current evidence and practice.

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Involving families affected by substance use

Involving familiesAlcohol and drug education can be developed with the participation of families affected by substance use. This ensures schools can develop approaches that are relevant to those they wish to support, as well as incorporating the best available research and relevant case studies.

Although this document contains relevant learning on how schools can use any sort of visitor to enhance alcohol and drug education, it focuses particularly on contributions from families affected by substance use: for example, a parent whose child experienced problems with drugs or alcohol.

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