Why Not Find Out

Why Not Find Out (WNFO) is an independent and reliable source of information on a range of substances, designed to help young people avoid drug-related harms.

Why Not Find Out is primarily a website and social media platform designed to provide young people with the information they need to make informed decisions about club drugs and new psychoactive substances (formerly known as “legal highs”) as well as new and emerging drug trends. The content of the website is provided by independent advisors, including leading experts in toxicology. WNFO also provides direct outreach into local communities through schools, universities and community spaces.

Launched by the Angelus Foundation in 2010, Why Not Find Out became part of Mentor’s youth outreach work after Mentor and Angelus merged. Since the merger, and the passing of the Psychoactive Substances Act, WNFO’s scope has been expanded to include alcohol, nicotine, prescription medicines and image/performance-enhancing drugs (IPEDs). Mentor is committed to continuing the work started at Angelus to raise awareness of the different substances young people are likely to come into contact with in their teens and early twenties.

For more information, contact our Head of Programmes Jamila on jamila.boughelaf@mentoruk.org or 020 7553 9920.