Zones: a board game for young people

Zones playing game

The Zones board game was been designed as part of Public Health England’s national youth health campaign, and co-developed with young people. It is aimed at young people aged 11-15 and older, to be played in three teams, each with up to four young people. Teams race around the board, completing four types of activity: answering quiz questions on issues such as drugs, alcohol or relationships; fun icebreaker challenges; picking Chance cards that can send you forward or backwards (themed around life skills); and competing with other teams as to who can express their opinions most convincingly about the scenarios and issues on the Zones cards.

Any professional working with young people can order a free Zones board game by calling the Public Health England Orderline on 0300 123 1002 and quoting product code 2900915.

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  1. Hi i am from singapore working as a youth worker, i am impressed to see the game played. Would like to check will you also import the board game to non locals?

  2. Hi Joycelyn – I’ve passed your query on to the producers of this board game.