Quality standards for effective alcohol and drug education

Our standards draw on existing national and international guidance as well as examples of good practice in alcohol and drug education and prevention.

In addition we have consulted widely with teachers, practitioners and those that support school alcohol and drug education in order to ensure that they reflect the best current evidence and practice. Find out more...

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Latest resources

  • What is Early Intervention, and why is it important in prevention? Find out more in our latest briefing paper: Early Intervention and Prevention.
  • Worried about NPS and legal highs? In our briefing paper you will find out all you need to know about 'Legal Highs' and Novel Psychoactive Substances.
  • How to better understand your pupils? Efficient needs assessment in schools.
  • Do you and your school have the necessary tools to identify vulnerable pupils who may be experiencing parental substance use? Check our resource for schools: Identifying and supporting children affected by parental substance use.
  • Reviewing your drug and alcohol policy

    This toolkit aims to help schools with the process of reviewing their drug and alcohol policy, with practical advice on consulting with teachers, pupils, parents and others in the community.

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