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The Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Information Service (ADEPIS) was developed by the prevention charity Mentor UK as a platform for sharing information and resources aimed at schools and practitioners working in drug and alcohol prevention. ADEPIS is publicly acknowledged as the leading source of evidence-based information and tools for alcohol and drug education and prevention for schools.

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The importance of evidence-based prevention

Evidence is important because it helps us assess the impact and effectiveness of our work. When it comes to interventions for young people and children, evidence helps us to establish what types of programmes are most effective and can make a positive impact on the lives of our beneficiaries.

Through evidence we can learn and improve our practice, increasing the value of our work for funders, commissioners, researchers and, most importantly, for the young people and the families we support.

Evidence-based practice   

Building a Community of Practice for prevention

We work in partnership with government bodies, as well as organisations from the private and third sector, in order to develop best practices, build a strong evidence base for what works, and support each other in protecting children and young people from harm by building their self-efficacy and resilience to risk as they move through childhood and adolescence.

Our Community of Practice  

Latest resources

  • Review your school's alcohol and drugs policy with our toolkit for schools.
  • How to deliver life-skills based education for alcohol and drug prevention? Find out more in our latest briefing paper.
  • Worried about NPS and legal highs? In our briefing papers you will find out all you need to know about 'Legal Highs' and Novel Psychoactive Substances.
  • Are you delivering Unplugged? Find out statistics on young people's smoking, drinking, and drug use.
  • How to better understand your pupils? Efficient needs assessment in schools.
  • Do you and your school have the necessary tools to identify vulnerable pupils who may be experiencing parental substance use? Check our resource for schools: Identifying and supporting children affected by parental substance use.
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