‘Legal highs’

6-DEF-Legal-Highs‘Legal highs’ are more accurately called ‘novel psychoactive substances’. These chemicals are designed to imitate the effects of illegal drugs: either stimulants, cannabis or hallucinogens. This briefing paper aims to give teachers more confidence in teaching young people about ‘legal highs’ and debunk some common myths.

This briefing paper is part of a series of six papers produced by the Drug Education Forum, for schools and others involved in drug education or informal drug prevention:

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  1. I am finding the briefings most interesting as they afford useful comparisons with the work on school drug education in South Australia. There is much correlation (although your briefings a ‘briefer’ than anything we produce!)
    Particularly relevant to all teachers is page 3 of the ‘Legal highs’ briefing which places drug education as the responsibility of the teacher and which encourages an approach where drug ed is embedded in curriculum.
    We would not advocate running a ‘project’ of collecting statistics on drug use in the classroom (also in that briefing), as it is seen to be too risky. We do, however, have a Govt supported survey every 3 years across Aust which does just that and to which we refer frequently to normalise non-drug use by young people.