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The Mentor Quality Mark for Alcohol and Drugs Education

Developmental online tools for all providers of alcohol and drug education

The Mentor Quality Mark for Alcohol and Drugs Education aims to improve the quality of alcohol and drug education and prevention delivered by schools and practitioners in England through the use of an online self-assessment tool.

Since we launched the Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Information Service (ADEPIS) in 2013, we have understood how vital quality standards are to ensure quality of delivery. It is quite evident an increasing number of schools and practitioners really want to improve and deliver quality services, but have lacked the essential structural support to guide them toward this goal.

This online tool provides access to two different self-assessment frameworks:

  • The Mentor Quality Mark for Providers of alcohol and drug education for young people
  • The Mentor Quality Standards Review for schools

Mentor’s Quality Standards for schools and practitioners are very much in line with National Drug Strategy 2017 which stresses the importance of reducing demand through: increased focus on prevention, universal approach across the life-course, committed to supporting schools to build children and young people’s confidence and resilience and supporting the development of dedicated alcohol and drugs education resources.

“We know that building young people’s knowledge, skills and resilience to make better and safer choices around alcohol and drugs is the best approach to help influence their attitudes and behaviour. The Quality Mark is a positive step towards ensuring all schools provide drug and alcohol education that’s fit for purpose. I would encourage all local areas to support their schools to meet these criteria and take an approach to prevention that covers the whole school environment.”

– Rosanna O’Connor, Director Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco at PHE

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