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Mentor is a leading national charity working to build young people’s resilience in order to prevent harm, particularly in relation to substance misuse. Mentor-ADEPIS is recognised by leaders in education and government as the leading source of evidence-based information and tools for alcohol and drug education and prevention for schools.

To help schools and practitioners deliver the best, evidence-based practice in drug education, we developed a set of standards and tools to monitor, review and improve alcohol and drug education.

The Mentor Quality Mark for Alcohol and Drug Education

The Mentor Quality Mark for Alcohol and Drugs Education aims to improve the quality of alcohol and drug education and prevention delivered by schools and practitioners in England through the use of an online self-assessment tool.

This online tool provides access to two different self-assessment frameworks:

  • The Mentor Quality Mark for Providers of alcohol and drug education for young people
  • The Mentor Quality Standards Review for schools and other educational settings

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Local Authorities service review and support

Local authorities may be interested in further improving the quality of PSHE education delivered in schools, or undertaking a review of Alcohol and Drug education and health promotion, which will enable them to have a better understanding of areas needing investment. Similar reviews may be sought when working towards the development of a coordinated, multi-agency approach to prevention (not only and not necessarily limited to alcohol and drug prevention).

In so doing, local authorities may wish to understand the current status of alcohol and drug education delivery in their local area to stress the importance of holistic approaches to education that promote the development of life-skills and resilience, whilst ensuring that alcohol and drug education delivery is more than just knowledge based.

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