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Findings from our survey into drug and alcohol education

Many thanks to the PSHE Association for carrying out this research for us, the 288 teachers who took part in the survey, and in particular the 20 who gave up their time for in-depth interviews. The key findings are set out below, and more can be found in the full

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Choosing a programme that works

The Home Office’s recently released guidance to schools on addressing youth violence and gangs contains a handy table which is relevant for schools considering introducing an ‘evidence based programme’ on anything from drugs and alcohol to literacy.

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A reminder to schools to be cautious about external visitors

You may have been contacted, perhaps through your local authority, about proposed local events under the banner of the “Marathon for a Drug Free UK”, travelling from Brighton to Edinburgh from 26 April to 22 May. What is not apparent from this organisation’s website, information materials, or the global website,

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